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Home theater Fire alarm Security camera

Get 24-Hour and CCTV Security Systems

You can't be everywhere or see everything, but security systems from Marshall Alarm Co. can! You get closed-circuit video, DVR storage, and 24/7 monitoring from Marshall County's best!

  • Closed-circuit video systems

  • DVR storage and retrieval

  • Remote viewing and access

  • Fire alarms (residential only)

  • Medical alert monitoring systems

  • Smartphone app for viewing, enable, disable

Commercial and residential

When you add up tickets and refreshments for the whole family, it costs a bundle just to see one movie today. Did

you know a home theater system eventually pays for itself?


Contact Marshall Alarm Co. located in Albertville, IL for details about home theater systems that include large

HDTV screen and "surround sound". You'll save money in

the long run.

Your home theater experience

Call us today for CCTV, security, and fire systems:

  • CCTV system installations

  • Locally owned and operated

  • FREE estimates

  • Over 40 years of experience

  • As low as $20 per month

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