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Get Your Own Home Theater System

When you add up the price of movie tickets, soda, and popcorn for your family, did you know a home theater system will eventually pay for itself? Contact Marshall Alarm Co. for details!

  • A variety of big-screen sizes

  • High-definition, 4K, and 3D TV available

  • Integrated stereo and "surround sound" systems

  • DVD, Live-stream, or any other video source

  • See video games like never before

  • Ask about our 1-year warranty

Custom home theater systems

For home theater systems, call:

  • CCTV system installations

  • Locally owned and operated

  • FREE estimates

  • Since the mid-1970s

  • As low as $20 per month


Have you ever wanted to listen to your music continuously as you're moving throughout the house? That's exactly what you get from one of our full-home audio systems!


Contact Marshall Alarm Co. located in Albertville, IL to learn more about full-home and in-room audio that plays your favorite radio stations, MP3s, iPod, and other music sources.

Full-home and in-room audio